Studying USMLE In India

In order to Start/Complete a Residency program in America, Indian International Medical Graduates (IMG's) Must Gain certification from the U.S Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).

To be eligible for ECFMG, Students must fulfill a number of requirements, including passing the United States Medical Licensing Examination..

How an Indian MBBS Student can become a Doctor in U.S.A

  1. Register for ECFMG certification
  2. Take USMLE STEP1 and how to pass STEP1
  3. Take USMLE STEP2 and how to pass STEP2
  4. Preparation for OET (Occupational English Test)
  1. After clearing both STEP1 and STEP2 receive your ECFMG certification.
  2. Fill & submit ERAS Application
  3. Register for NRMP
  4. Match with a U.S Residency Program
  5. Take USMLE STEP3

How can a Indian student obtain ECFMG certification:

  • The student must have graduated from a Medical College/School that is listed in the world Directory of Medical Schools
  • The student has to clear STEP1 and STEP2 ck Exam
  • The student must complete a clinical skills assessment
  • Student must clear OET Exam (or) have to fulfill the English language proficiency requirements

NOTE: Once the student get his/her ECFMG certification, they are eligible for residency programs in USA and take USMLE STEP3 (few states exempt it)

How can Indian MBBS student can apply for USMLE:

  • Student has to create an account on the ECFMG official website
  • Student has to fill the steps application
  • Once the Initial payment is completed, fill out the certificate statement (form 183) which is an online part of your application form 183 is the Medical School certification statement. Once you completely fill the form you have to mail it back.
  • After submission of form 183, in 3 to 4 weeks time you will receive an email communication from the ECFMG containing your schedule permit.
  • Now, you can book an exam date on the prometric official website of your choice center (if dates are available as per schedule).

Other than USMLE Step1 & Step2 preparation is any other aspect which we have to prepare?

The following two Aspects are important

C.V Building

This aspect as the most important aspect for your preparation towards interview. For more details contact our team.

VISA Processing

Our Team will guide and
help you in this process.

When should I start my USMLE Preparation 2.

  • Most Ideal Time to start your preparation is in your 2nd year of Medical School but it will vary from student to student.

Generally how many months is the preparation Time for each USMLE exam

  • Ideally for USMLE STEP1 it takes 6 to 12 months of preparation and for USMLE STEP2 it takes 4 to 10 months
  • Of course each and every student has unique and different methodology so the preparation time may vary from student to student.

Brief about NRMP match process for Indian MBBS students

  1. To match a student has to be ECFMG certified
  2. Student has to be same about his/her interested Research programs
  3. Student should be well aware of VISA Requirement & various processes
  4. IMG's should request for a ERAS Token which allows them access to the ERAS website.
  5. Various states have different deadlines
    So student have to be vigilant.
  6. After submitting application, you might get a interview call.
  7. Student must rank their preferential order of preference as per the priority of their programs.
  8. If the student match a program
    Get ready to join….

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