are you?

Attending classes with 200+ students

Paying higher college fees above 2 Lakhs+

Able to clarify your doubts during live sessions

Facing the problem with faculty who are not experienced for online classes

Don't worry, MyRank LIVE CLASSES will address all your problems.

MyRank Live Classes - Advantages

  • Live online "INTERACTIVE" classes.
  • Highly qualified online "TEACHING EXPERTS".
  • Clarify your doubts "THEN & THEIR".
  • Chance for "ONE ON ONE" interaction.
  • Classes are done by "IITians, PhD" & senior faculties.
  • "DAILY & WEEKLY" track of your performance.
  • Clarify "UNLIMITED DOUBTS" in the live sessions.
  • "Practice Practice Practice" 100% to get a top rank.

Sample Lectures

Physics:- 11th & 12th Class Level

Chemistry:- 11th & 12th Class Level

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